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||a Hitsugi x Sakito (from Nightmare) community||

Hitsugi x Sakito comm<3
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Hitsugi x Sakito (hitsugixsakito) is a community created by miwa_ and theblackmoral, all dedicated to the fictional (or not! who knwos?XD;) love relantionship between Hitsugi and Sakito from Nightmare/Sendai Kamotsu~

First of all, we want to warn you some things:
- As was said before, this is a community of a FICTIONAL yaoi relantionship, so, we won't tolerate people who join us just to bashing or something. If this community offends you in anyway, please, just leave and go find some to your taste, ok?? ^^ So everybody can be happy <3
- Well, for the ones who doesn't know, yaoi is a boy x boy relantionship, and for sure, in our case, Ruki x Aoi. Here we accept since romantic things, until dirty things, SO, if you didn't know what's this "Yaoi" thing and didn't like, we won't accept you too ^^ But if you liked, be welcome!!!
- This community is Hitsugi x Sakito ONLY, of course we love Gazette and Jrock yaoi, but if you wanna another pairings, find another communities, I'm sure you'll find it ^^ PLUS, you CAN make your marketing if you have a jrock community (also Jrock RP communities) and want to spread it, BE WELCOME to do that XDDD<333333

And if you read all that and still wanna join us, be welcome and have fun ^_^
Down here we'll say the rules ~~

- You CAN post fanfictions, fanarts, all the kinds of graphics (including icons, wallpapers, banners, colorbars), links of fansites or communities AND cosplay (yaoi pictures or not ^^ ). You also can post rp logs, if it's about HitsugixSakito love ^^~
- For all the posts, you must use the lj-cut, except the request ones. If you'll post pictures, describe what's the content and put under the < lj-cut text="Insertsomethinghere" > (Without the spaces ^^)
- For the fanfictions, before the cut, you should make a description in this format:

Chapters: If have more than one. If you post one chapter in one day and another chapter just a week later, post here the link for the ealier chapter(s), so people can remember
Author: You can post under < lj user="yourusernamehere" > this format. (Remember of removing the spaces )
Genre: Tell here if it's a romantic one, violent...
Ratings: Well, as we notice, this rate is the most commom, so we're using them too.
-G - No cursing, no adults content, no violence, no nothing~
-PG - Just a bit of cursing and adult content, a soft violence~
-PG-13 - Moderate cursing and adult contents, an escalating violence~
-R - Sexual scenes, violence, cursing, adult contents~
-NC-17 - Excessive everything. Excessive sexual scenes, hard violence, language...
Pairings/Characters: As the community is Hitsugi x Sakito only, just put here the order...seme at first, uke at second <3 Some people doesn't like to read Sakito being seme, for example...XD
Synopsis: Tell us what the story's about~
Comments: If you wanna say something for the readers, before they start

-For the Request post, just put "Request!!" in the title~
- Oh, please, this isn't a rule, but we love if you introduce yourself in your first post XDD<333333 Everybody should meet the others better. If you don't know how to do it, we can give you some hints:
What's your name?
Where are you from?
What's your favorite bands?
And tell something about you...what you like to do, your hobbies...tell whatever you want~

That's it! Enjoy and spread the Tsugi x Saki love ne//~~~~~~<3<3<3


Other comms//

All rights of the band and members to Nightmare.
All rights of the comm, graphics and writtings to miwa_ and theblackmoral.